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pro Corner Boards

by KMS Industries LLC


Corner Board Edge Protectors for Pallet Shipping

Corner Board Sizes.png

At KMS Industries, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality corner boards to meet your manufacturing needs all at wholesale prices. Edge Protectors are a cost-effective way to securely seal and protect the edges of your product for shipping . We offer a variety of bulk corner boards at wholesale prices to meet every need and application. 


No matter what type of product your facility manufactures, assembles, ships or stores KMS Industries has a discounted edge protection to meet your needs  in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.

  • Secures product on the pallet for shipping 

  • Prevents dents and other damage

  • Precisely cut to length for both hand and machine application

  • Corner Boards improve tension transmission of strapping


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Corner Board Edge Protectors for Pallet
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